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 Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules of Conduct   Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:24 pm

Welcome to the OFFICIAL SE7ENZERO forums. Before you set off please take a moment to read these rules about posting in this community.

1. We will respect you if you respect others meaning, posting personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, or other personal identification information will be automatically removed. Posting others personal information will also lead to a removal from the forums. We do this to keep you safe on here and in reality. A continuation of personal information posting can lead to a temporary or permanent ban depending on how severe the issue is.

2. Offensive behavior can also lead to banning. Harassment, sexually, racially, ethnically, religiously, and insulting behavior will violate the Rules of Conduct and will receive reasonable punishment. Try to stay away from negative comments. If you have nothing good to say then to say it at all since this may be inappropriate for others and it encourages other people in the community to follow.

3. Discussion of illegal activities will be strictly banned and may be reported. This may be piracy or illegal acts that may cause very critical issues to others.

4. This forum is for the enjoyment of others to discuss and to be social. It is not somewhere to start a business meaning, no advertisements, solicitations, or any commercial material promoting companies or business.

5. We have the right to monitor the Boards and delete any posts we find are inappropriate or unnecessary, meaning spamming the Boards will lead to a temporary ban unless it is continuous, then we have every right to permanently ban you.

By using this forum you agree to these Terms and Conditions and if anything violates these Rules of Conducts then a punishment will follow.
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Rules of Conduct
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